Medicare and Long-Term Care Expenses

December 13, 2010

One of the more confusing issues about Medicare is that it was never set up to handle long-term care expenditures. While the plans are certainly capable of handling short-term needs as ordered by a physician, such as in-home physical therapy, home health aides, home safety checks (but not the equipment) and durable medical equipment such as hospital beds and bedside toilets, this is not the same type of coverage as might be supplied by a hospice or other long-term care organization.

An article titled “Seniors and Their Caregivers Should Know Their Medicare Options” outlines considerably more specifics about what is and is not covered by Medicare. It becomes apparent that Long-Term Care insurance is really the way to go in supplementing the supplements so both short-term and long-term needs are met.

The deeper issue is that people do make assumptions about their insurance coverage without actually understanding what it entails. They hear stories or rumors about various plans and, believing what they hear, they think they know what they’re getting into. The only way to understand what any coverage is all about is to speak with an agent or broker who is more interested in educating people than in only making a sales commission. These agents do exist, and it’s important to find one.


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